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(From left) Chan, Lee and and Ong at the launch of the treatment centre for needy patients under the Love.Hope.Health campaign in Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya.
Healing help: Chan (right) and management committee member Felicia Yeoh demonstrating the treatment at their headquarters at Menara TH Uptown
Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye launching the Compassionate Care Foundation (CCF) with its founder Daena Chan (second from left) at Menara TH Uptown. Pix by Amirudin Sahib
Juru Terapi bertauliah akan mengendalikan rawatan di pusat yayasan

UTUSAN - Taja terapi molekul hidrogen percuma


Molecular Hydrogen a Potential “Novel” Antioxidant. Molecular hydrogen has been scientifically proven to have antioxidant properties that help to remove free radicals from your body that cause premature aging. Dr. Shigeo Ohta and his team of researchers have proposed that molecular hydrogen has potential as “novel” antioxidant without adverse effect. Hydrogen has a number of advantages as a potential antioxidant: H2 rapidly diffuses into tissues and cells, and it is mild enough neither to disturb metabolic redox reactions nor reactive oxygen species (ROS) that function in cell signaling, thereby, there should be little adverse effect of consuming H2. Moreover, H2 shows not only effects against oxidative stress, but also various anti-inflammatory effects. H2 passes through the blood brain barrier, although most antioxidant compounds cannot.   How are plant based antioxidants found in foods similar to molecular hydrogen?

  • They are both natural to the body
  • They are both neither artificial nor synthetic.
  • They are both promoting wellness.

How is molecular hydrogen different to antioxidants in foods?

  • Molecular hydrogen only scavenges the bad free radical.
  • Molecular hydrogen leaves no waste product after neutralizing a free radical.
  • Molecular hydrogen also increases our body’s own antioxidant systems.
  • Molecular hydrogen also acts as a signalling molecule, thus having many other benefits.
  • Molecular hydrogen is the smallest molecule, which can easily enter the cells. ( Note: H2 only weight 2g/mole vs vitamin C at 176.2 g/mole)
  • Molecular hydrogen has no known toxic effects at high intakes.

Which gets rid of more free radicals: Vitamin C or molecular hydrogen? Based on stoichiometry, one molecule of vitamin C can theoretically neutralize two free radicals, which is the same for molecular hydrogen. However, some of the used vitamin C molecules can be rejuvenated by the bodies and be used again, which is not the case with molecular hydrogen. On the other hand, molecular hydrogen can upregulate powerful antioxidant enzymes in the body, thus providing further protection, a function which vitamin C cannot do. Interestingly, vitamin C intake at high levels may actually prevent this upregulation from occurring.

Interview with Professor Shigeo Ohta, Nippon Medical School, Japan; Pioneer Researcher in the Field of Hydrogen as a Therapeutic Antioxidant

Prof. Ohta’s breakthrough research – Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals

Prof Ohta discusses Hydrogen Water Benefits for Athletes & Sports Enthusiasts - IZUMIO

What Is Molecular Hydrogen (H2) and How Does It Work in My Body?

The Danger of Free Radicals

Free radicals are rogue molecules that have the ability to harass and even destroy other molecules in your cells by stealing electrons from innocent molecules, and cause instability in these molecules, then they become free radical themselves, disrupting other molecules in the vicinity. In this way, free radical can start a chain reaction in the body’s tissues, causing damage that can destroy the structure and function of cells in your tissues. This revolution of unmanaged free radicals in your tissues is known as oxidative stress.


Research has shown that if you allow these free radicals to get out of hand and cause oxidative stress, they will stimulate nociceptors and cause aches and pain. The presence of oxidative stress in myofascial tissues can easily generate an inflammatory response in muscles and joints. In chronic muscle and joint disorders, the presence of chronic inflammation and oxidative stress in your tissues is inseparable. Therefore, to correctly deal with chronic muscle and joint problems, it is a requirement to learn how to manage the metabolic factor of chronic inflammation and oxidative stress.


By Greg Fors, in his book title, Why We Hurt: A Complete Physical & Spiritual Guide to Healing Your Chronic Pain.

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Clinical Effects of Hydrogen Administration: From Animal and Human Diseases to Exercise Medicine. (2016)

H2 another gas with therapeutic potential

Molecular Hydrogen as an Emerging Candidate for Preventing Alzheimer's Disease

Molecular Hydrogen Improves Obesity and Diabetes

Recent advances in Hydrogen Research as a Therapeutic Medical Gas

Recent Progress Toward Hydrogen Medicine

Therapeutic efficacy of infused molecular hydrogen in saline on rheumatoid arthritis A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled

Beneficial Effects of Hydrogen-Rich Saline on early burn wound in rats

Can hydrogen retard the progression of osteoarthritis

H2 an overview of its neurobiological effects & therapeutic potential



Q: What is Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy?

A. Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy is an innovative treatment, using hydrogen gas for pain management, treatment and prevention of diseases.

Q: What benefits will Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy bring me?

A. The benefits of Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy are as follows:-
      – Pain Relief
      – Improve Sleep
      – Improve Blood Circulation
      – Improve Immune System
      – Boost Energy
      – Relieve Fatigue
      – Prevent Diseases
      – Promote Detoxification and Wellness
      – Mental Alertness

Q: Why do I need Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy?

A. Hi-Bliss Hydrogen therapy builds-up our body’s immune system and regulates body function by reducing stress-induced illness. By providing molecular hydrogen to protect and repair our cells and to combat oxidative stress, Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy ensures that our organs and body systems are performing optimally, and inflammation and pain are reduced.

Q: Is there any side effect from undergoing Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy?

A. There are no adverse side effects as the only by-product is water. You will feel relaxed and your sleep quality will be improved. Some might go to toilet more often due to the continuing detoxification process.

Few clients upon going through their first Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy have feedback experiencing fatigue and slight dizziness, but this is an indication that the detoxification process is on-going.

Q: What should I do after Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy?

A. Drink more warm water to enhance the detoxification process. Self-maintenance as per the therapist’s advice would also see a positive multiplier effect from the treatment.

Q: How often should I undergo Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy?

A. The frequency of treatments depends on the condition of the client as each client’s needs may differ from one another. Our consultant will advise you on the frequency of treatments upon the first visit, after performing a detailed Health Check.

Q: Is Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy environmental-friendly?

A. Yes. It is 100% Natural as it produces only water as a by-product.

Q: Will Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy trigger any allergies?

A. No, it will not as there are no known allergies with Hydrogen Therapy. The treatment is 100% natural and safe.

Q: Who is suitable to undergo Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy?

A. Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy is suitable for any age group, however it is not recommended for pregnant women and infants.

Q: What, and how many types of treatment is available under Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy treatment?

A. There are 5 main types of Hi-Bliss Hydrogen treatments, which are: 1) Pain Relief 2) Detoxification Treatment 3) Eye Treatment 4) Skin and Wound Treatment 5) Stress Buster Treatment. Additionally, Hi-Bliss also offers packages that caters to specific needs of clients.

Q: What can I do, before and after my sessions, to ensure I am getting the most benefit out of Hi- Bliss Hydrogen Therapy?

A. It is advisable to drink more warm water to facilitate the detoxification process and to sleep early. Additionally, following the advices of our therapist for self-maintenance would also see a positive multiplier effect from the treatment.

Q:Is there any medically qualified person in the center(s)?

A. Yes, we have at least one medically qualified personnel stationed at each center, and our therapists are all qualified physiotherapists.

Q: Is this a medical device?

A. Due to its drug-free and non-invasive nature, it is not classified as a medical device by the Ministry of Health.

Q: How accurate is the check-up?

A. We use a combination of palpation or touch pressure as well as observation of blood flow with the microvascular analysis device to observe the arteries to determine conditions of pain, inflammation, and organs which may not be healthy. This is mainly to detect early signs of health problems for preventive purposes.

Q: Do I require doctor’s referral for Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy treatment?

A. Doctor’s referral is not required.

About Hydrogen Therapy

Q: Is hydrogen dangerous to the body?

A. No, as the source of the hydrogen is water and the only by-product of the treatment is also water. Scientific researches have shown that Hydrogen is not toxic even at high intakes.

Q: How safe is Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy?

A. Please refer to the above.

Q: Will Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy induce overexposure of Hydrogen?

A. No, it will not. Scientific researches have shown that Hydrogen is not toxic even at high intakes.

Q: How long does each session of Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy last?

A. Each session can last for a minimum of 45 minutes to a maximum of 1 1⁄2 hours, depending on the type of treatment.

Q: Why hydrogen therapy? How does hydrogen help alleviate pain or other symptoms of chronic illnesses?

A. Hydrogen has been scientifically proven in more than 1,000 scientific and medical journals to be a very powerful anti-oxidant which can selectively neutralize the most toxic free radicals, thereby protecting and repairing our cells against chronic illnesses. Hydrogen also has effective anti- inflammatory properties and improves blood circulation, thereby alleviating pain.

Q: I have my first appointment coming up soon, what should I wear?

A. For detoxification and pain treatments, you will be required to change into a kimono for the treatment. For other treatments like eye, skin and wound, it would be best if you wear comfortable and loose clothing that does not restrict access to your eyes, skin and wound.

Q: What should I be expecting after my first visit for Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy?

A. After the treatment, your body will feel lighter, more relaxed and easier to sleep (for Detox Therapy). In addition for Pain Therapy, pain levels will reduce and muscles will feel less tight and less stiff.

Q: Does Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy prescribe any medication or supplement other than the Hydrogen Treatment?

A. We do not prescribe any medication or supplements though for certain cases or conditions, our consultant may advise certain supplements to be taken to complement the treatment.

Q: I am currently being prescribed some medication by a doctor. Will it interfere with my Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy?

A. No. Our treatment is 100% natural because we generate hydrogen from water.

Q: How long does it takes to see positive result from Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy?

A. It depends on the condition being treated. For conditions such as pain, eye, skin and wound which are less chronic, there can be positive results within three to eight sessions. However for chronic illnesses or more chronic pain, eye, skin and wound conditions, it can take between ten to twenty- five sessions to see positive results.

Q: What are the medical conditions that are not suitable for Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy?

A. As our treatment is 100% natural, hydrogen is suitable for all kinds of body condition. Hydrogen is exceptionally good for open wounds and various skin conditions.

Q: This is my first Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, what can I expect from my first session? What factors/side effects should I take note of after my session?

A. Generally, for clients undergoing Detox Therapy, they will feel relaxed after their first treatment. Some clients will experience other symptoms after their first session, such as fatigue and slight dizziness, but all these are good indication that the detoxification process is in progress and the blood circulation is improving.

Q: What is the common feedback from clients using Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy?

A. Amongst feedback received are increased energy levels, less fatigue, less pain and improved immunity and general well-being.

Q: What is the success rate of using Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy?

A. Average success rate of above 90%.

How it works

Q: How is Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy administered?

A. Hi-Bliss hydrogen therapy is generated from distilled water, splitting H2O molecules into hydrogen gas. This hydrogen gas will then be directed via a nozzle to be sprayed at treatment point(s).

Q: How fast can I see the results of the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy?

A. Each one of us is unique and so is our body. In order to help our clients improve their condition within a short time span, close monitoring is required; therefore, it is advisable for you to come for treatments regularly during the first 2 – 3 weeks.

Q: What are the process and procedure of undergoing Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy?

A. All the clients will undergo an assessment with our microvascular analysis device in order to understand their overall body blood circulation. This will be followed by a full body palpation check- up by our physiotherapist to understand the muscle, nerve and bone condition. After the assessment, we will recommend a suitable treatment program for the client to address these concerns/complaints/symptoms.

Q: What is palpation and what’s the purpose of doing that?

A. Palpation is the process of using one’s hands to check the body, especially while diagnosing a disease or illness. Palpation is an important part of the physical examination; the sense of touch is just as important in this examination as the sense of sight is. (Source:

Q: What is manipulation and what’s the purpose of doing that?

A. Manipulation is a technique used to loosen muscle spasm and tightness of body where by doing this, it will increase hydrogen diffusion and increase treatment efficacy. It is a physical treatment primarily used by physical therapists and physiotherapists to treat musculoskeletal pain and disability, and to improve blood circulation.


Q: Are there any other methods for applying Hydrogen Therapy, such as inhaling hydrogen gas, drinking hydrogen-dissolved water, etc.?

A. Yes, there are other methods of administering Hydrogen into our body as mentioned above.

Q: What is the cost involved when receiving treatment at Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy?

A. We have different packages designed for every individual depending on their body condition and the number of treatments required. We will only able to offer the price after our free consultation and Health Check.

Q: I am interested in Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy as part of personal wellness/stress-relief, how often should I return for a new package/treatment course?

A. It depends on body condition and lifestyle. Generally, it is advisable to come for treatment at least once a week.

Q: I am in need of Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, but I am having financial problem, what are my options?

A. You may approach our Foundation – the Compassionate Care Foundation for further assistance.

Q: I have trouble keeping up with the treatment costs, can I enroll in a payment plan?

A. We do offer a special payment plan for senior citizens who are 60 years old and above.

Q: Where is Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy available?

A. At present moment, we have 3 centers; one is in Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown, Menara TH Uptown and the other is in Da Men Mall, USJ Subang.

Q: What are the operating hours for Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy center(s)?

A. The Starling Mall Centre is open Daily from 10 am to 10pm. The Subang Centre at Da Men Mall – USJ Subang Jaya is open from 10am to 8pm on Weekdays and 10am to 6pm on Weekends. The centre in Menara TH Uptown is open on Weekdays from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm and is strictly by appointment only.

Q: I have some disability in moving, what are my options to receive Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy?

A. Unfortunately, the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy is only available at our Centers as we currently do not offer house visits.

Q: What is the difference between Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy and massage or chiropractic?

A. Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy is using a combination of techniques (from East and West) with the main “ingredient” of Hydrogen to improve muscle, nerve and blood circulation condition. Chiropractic is an alternative medicine or treatment related to musculoskeletal conditions.

Q: If I buy a package, what if my condition improves half-way through the sessions (before finishing my package sessions). Can I get a refund for the unused sessions?

A. Our company does not have a refund policy as it is advisable to complete all sessions to ensure the body is better maintained at an optimal level; however, the unused sessions are transferable to your friends or family members.

Q: How can the hydrogen penetrate into our body?

A. Hydrogen, being the smallest molecule on earth, can easily penetrate through our skin into our body cells.

Q: How often do I have to come for the treatment? Do I still need to come for treatment for maintenance after I have done the treatment and my body is getting better?

A. We will advise the treatment frequency after we have assessed your body condition. It is strongly advised to maintain our wellness as we age, as we can easily accumulate free radicals in our body which lead to poor blood circulation, inflammation and pre-mature aging. Prevention is always better than cure.

Q: How stable is your hydrogen gas?

A. Hydrogen gas has two hydrogen atoms bonded together. It is therefore a stable molecule with a neutral charge.

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